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Tea & Glory 

Tea House interior design and visualisation - Produced in collaboration with Treehouse Design Communications Belfast.

When we first started this project we soon realised the challenge ahead.

The site for the first shop was in the busy and popular borough of Camden London on the door step of

the famous Camden Market. We were presented with a blank space, a basic building shell comprising of first

floor and basement.


The design challenge incorporated a complete build package with Treehouse overseeing the

management of all mechanical and structural engineering first phase build works.


The space was a small corner site, the challenge was to create an inviting interior with a feeling of

space whilst also accommodating a spiral staircase and full wheelchair assisted bathrooms.

The existing structure layout meant the staircase had be set out in a more central part of the floor.

The staircase location made it very challenging to create a spacious flow driven bar/counter with a calm

and inviting atmosphere while still incorporating enough seating.


The direction we took regarding the brand interior was to communicate the products core values, a

natural organic product that is hand picked in a traditional way in rural Japan. We endeavoured to

create a sense of the strong Japanese tradition of tea drinking.


Our interior influences derived from the Japanese themes of clean simple structure and order. With the

relationship of nature at its core and use of raw materials as a feature throughout.

This project was a total build and fit out, managing all parts to conclusion.


We delivered a sketch pack, CAD layout and 3D visualisations, which effectively communicated how

the design would look when completed. Fit-out drawings were then detailed and a project management service implemented,

steering the project to delivery with ease.

Starting point

Design Visualisation

Final Design

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